Brian Gomsak: Private Instruction
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Private Instruction

Group seminars might not always be practical for certain individuals.  For those that would prefer the flexibility to schedule individual instruction at a time and place that is more convenient for them,  I am happy to offer a more customized approach.

Private Instruction Rates:

There is a minimum charge of  $ 250.00 for a 2 hour session with each additional hour billed at $ 75.00.

Potential participants and benefits:

New Camera Purchase?

If you have just purchased a new digital camera or were given one as a gift, several hours of dedicated instruction on how to operate it and tips in getting the most from it, may be the jump start you need to produce results immediately.

Dream Vacation?

They are once in a lifetime events.  A tour of Italy, an Alaskan cruise, honey moons, or a road trip out west.  The experience is what counts, but being able to bring back better quality photos to help you relive it, share with others, or create a custom photo album or book,  has tremendous value.  Let me help get you ready or prepare by making recommendations on gear to help you come back with photos you are proud of.

Specific Goal?

Maybe you have a son who plays hockey in a dimly lit ice rink and you just can’t seem to capture the experience the way you want.  Perhaps you are trying to sell your house without an agent and you want to take photos to help showcase it effectively.  Maybe your a small business owner who wants to photograph completed projects in better quality or your boss put you in charge of photography for the website.  If you have a specific challenge or goal, let me help you solve problems and meet your goals.

“We all have a need or desire to take photos at some point and while digital photography has made it much more affordable and accessible, it doesn’t necessarily translate to better results.  Like any advanced piece of machinery or technology, those that seek to understand it and gain more control over its operation, are the ones who produce better results.  My goal is to help you control your camera instead of it controlling you as well as impart non technical tips and techniques that you can use to get better quality photos by simply seeing differently.

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